NetSuite® Sales Tax Solutions

Make real-time, accurate sales and use tax calculations in more than 10,000 jurisdictions. 

Fast-growing businesses cannot afford to be slowed by imprecise or inefficient sales & use tax collection and remittance. Ask yourself…


Do you understand (truly understand) your sales & use nexus profile? Your nexus footprint can be comprised of all the following: where you and your employees are physically located, where you are shipping from, where you are selling to – the city, county and state; sales channels (online and/or store fronts); and your manufacturing and supply chain. Additionally many states such as Alabama, Arizona and Colorado are more complex than others.


Are your systems and teams as efficient as possible to stay current with changing sales tax rates and taxability rules across over 10,000 U.S. jurisdictions; to keep pace with your expanding/dynamic product portfolio; prepare the monthly reports and meet your sales/use tax obligations; and adequately respond to audit queries without disruption to daily activities?

Industries with Complex Sales/Use Tax considerations

Do you operate in a complex sales/use tax sector and not even realize it? Beyond the jurisdictional or nexus challenges with properly meeting your sales and use tax obligations, certain industries have more complexity than others. If you operate in one of these sectors, you may not be receiving the right sales tax rates and taxability rules in a timely manner.

Industries supported by NetSuite Sales Tax Solutions

CCH SureTax for NetSuite, designed to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite, is powered by the industry’s premier sales tax rates and taxability rules (relied on by the IRS 13 years running!). Deliver the capabilities your team needs to efficiently support growth and to mitigate risk.



Simplify your sales and use tax processes with Wolters Kluwer solutions.

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Sales tax management is complicated. Can you keep up?

There are many situations that can catch any business off guard. Risks can happen anywhere throughout your sales tax process and without the right tools, it can be almost impossible to keep up. The good news is that Wolters Kluwer can help solve complex tax problems with simple solutions.

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Wolters Kluwer + IRS = 13 Years Strong!

Not only has the IRS chosen Wolters Kluwer's sales tax and taxability rates for the 13th year in a row, it has also made Wolters Kluwer the recipient of its first 5-year contract for sales tax data

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Wolters Kluwer named America’s Tax Technology Firm of the Year | 2016

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