Sales and Use Tax Evaluations and Assessments

Get the most out of your sales tax software investment and give your team the power to make your business software perform to its fullest with our tax requirements workshops.

Software Evaluation Service — An in-depth sales and use tax process evaluation, including:

  • Existing tax system in operations; integration to billing/ERP systems
  • Business operations and sales tax compliance requirements, as well as the status of your organization’s sales and use tax footprint
  • Current tax collection and filing obligations
  • Future challenges and goals with respect to sales tax automation opportunities that are supported by software applications
  • The accuracy and effectiveness of your practices
  • Opportunities associated with tax savings that may be used to support investments in software

Tax Requirements Workshop Service — A comprehensive sales and use tax assessment of your current business processes, including:

  • Product line requirements
  • Tax and business requirements for processing potential customer exemptions
  • Target billing system and ability to consume tax content or integration with Wolters Kluwer products
  • Tax integration architecture between billing system, e-commerce, POS register systems
  • Best data extraction and consumption process or integration of Wolters Kluwer software products
  • Customer current tax registration and collections obligations and well as business operations


SAP Certified
Microsoft Partner

Simplify your sales and use tax processes with Wolters Kluwer solutions.

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