CCH® SureTax® Energy

Get energy tax right from the start with CCH® SureTax® Energy, the automated tax calculation and report solution for energy producers, energy marketers and utilities.

CCH SureTax Energy combines industry leading taxability content with precise jurisdiction information to support the full range of tax calculations needed for energy. This powerful cloud-based solution enables businesses of all sizes to be up and running, quickly and easily to produce accurate tax calculations that support compliance, reduce risk, cut costs and maintain the focus on items beyond tax.

CCH SureTax Energy easily adapts to evolving products and services and can be customized to meet jurisdiction or company-specific nuances through sophisticated cloud delivered logic.

With CCH SureTax Energy, your tax calculations are driven by the most complete, up-to-date information available in the industry with research covering all the jurisdictions in North America and beyond.

CCH SureTax Energy enables businesses of all sizes to be up and running, quickly and easily

      • Accurate, Up-To-Date Tax Calculation.  Accurately bill and collect transaction taxes as CCH SureTax Energy maintains the proper tax rates and rules for all tax authorities in North America and beyond. In addition, CCH SureTax Energy simplifies the process of verifying proper nexus and maintains tax and fee data for all tax authority levels.
      • Easy Setup. Simplify your workday with a user friendly interface and painless integration into billing systems, remittance systems, accounting systems, shopping carts and in-house reporting systems. There is no special hardware or software required to provide detailed tax calculations or retrieve data rich reports.
      • Reliable Energy Tax Research Data. Rely on CCH SureTax Energy with tax data and rules specific to energy service and devices. Backed by more than 100 years of tax and legal research from Wolters Kluwer, CCH SureTax Energy represents the industry standard for energy tax data. Our tax data is so accurate, the IRS has selected us as their indirect tax research provider for 12 consecutive years.
      • Detailed Reports. CCH SureTax Energy provides the reports that your team needs for completing compliance returns. All data is automatically aggregated in remote data repositories so you can easily create custom reports or access detailed standard reports that will support your monthly tax compliance, regulatory reporting, reconciliation, revenue analysis and audit defense.
      • Simplified Customer Exemption Management. Save time with customizable transaction and market segment tax exemption and override handling.
      • End-of-Month Compliance Support. All results can be easily retrieved for in-house and remittance systems or made available to any compliance service provider.

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See CCH SureTax Energy in action! With CCH SureTax Energy, it’s easy to get compliance right from the start.

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