Retail & General Merchandise Sales & Use Tax

Get the most out of your sales tax software for your retail/general merchandise business.

Online sales, sales tax holidays, returns, etc. etc. … the list goes on and on when looking at the complexities of meeting your sales tax obligations. We understand these nuances and recognize the risk to business growth of incomplete sales tax compliance processes across your entire nexus footprint.

Wolters Kluwer is committed to ensuring you have the right sales tax rates and taxability information you need to meet your sales tax obligations.

  • Sourced from over 10,000 U..S jurisdictions and covering over 1,200 general items including food, clothing, toys, personal goods, services and many more.
  • Monitoring of daily and weekly publications for rate changes and state taxability changes
  • Proactive data pulling from all DORs, and countless city/county/district websites

Our solutions offer you the flexibility to leverage this industry-leading sales tax content in your workflow and business model:

  • Sales Tax Calculation — Powerful and intuitive software tools and solutions including on-premise and SaaS cloud-based options.
  • Professional implementation and/or assessment services.
  • Compliance solutions for the filing of your sales tax returns.

Simplify your sales and use tax processes with Wolters Kluwer solutions.

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Sales tax management is complicated. Can you keep up?

There are many situations that can catch any business off guard. Risks can happen anywhere throughout your sales tax process and without the right tools, it can be almost impossible to keep up. The good news is that Wolters Kluwer can help solve complex tax problems with simple solutions.

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Wolters Kluwer + IRS = 13 Years Strong!

Not only has the IRS chosen Wolters Kluwer's sales tax and taxability rates for the 13th year in a row, it has also made Wolters Kluwer the recipient of its first 5-year contract for sales tax data

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International Tax Review

Wolters Kluwer named America’s Tax Technology Firm of the Year | 2016

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