Rates and Taxability Solutions

Get unmatched sales and use tax data
Sales and use tax rate changes are constantly being enacted in all sorts of jurisdictions — thousands of them across the United States and Canada. We are experts in navigating this continuously changing environment of transaction taxes, and we do so in order to provide our customers with the most accurate sales and use tax data available today.

Stay Current

We track thousands of sales tax rate and regulation changes occurring in local jurisdictions.


Simplify Growth

Easily handle the taxability decisions that come with new products or acquisitions.


Reduce Risk

Reduce audit risk with accurate and timely taxability determinations.


Automate Processes

Eliminate manual computation of confusing exceptions or sorting out overlapping regulations.

CCH® Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database

CCH Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database streamlines your research with the industry’s most comprehensive sales tax rates and taxability information. It offers a simple integration with your ERP or POS system so you keep current with thousands of sales tax rate and regulation changes for every type of jurisdiction. Data is precision mapped using multiple location criteria and covers every product code, ensuring accuracy.

Industry Solutions

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CCH® Sales Tax RADAR

CCH Sales Tax RADAR helps you work smarter by finding tax and decision-making criteria in a fraction of the time it would take to manually research or use state websites. This cost-effective sales tax rates and taxability lookup tool offers cloud-based delivery, multistate coverage and is available in two subscription options.

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CCH® Sales Tax Load Utility

CCH Sales Tax Load Utility is a productivity tool for uploading sales tax rates into your ERP system. It eliminates compliance risks and worries associated with inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information, helping you reduce the amount of time spent each month researching and updating sales and use tax rates.

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CCH® SureTax®
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CCH® Sales Tax Office
Our on-premise tax calculation solution.

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