CCH® Sales Tax RADAR

CCH Sales Tax Rates and Decisions Administration Reporting (RADAR) offers a web-based source to help you work smarter by finding tax and decision-making criteria in a fraction of the time it would take to manually research or use state websites.


RADAR is the industry’s audit defense tool with historical content up to 2008. Hone in on the right sales and use tax rates and taxability information so you can begin benefiting.

  • ACCURATE and real-time updates so you don’t spend time searching state databases
  • CLOUD-BASED utility for easy setup and seamless integration into your daily workflow
  • MORE TIME to work on higher-value projects like tax planning and tax reporting


Wolters Kluwer has successfully undergone a Service Organization Control (SOC 1) Type 1 examination for the collection, analysis, and management of sales tax rates and taxability content. The result is that management maintains internal controls to provide customers and users accurate, timely and reliable sales tax rate and taxability information.

SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 and the associated logos are trademarks, service marks and certification marks of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which reserves all rights.

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Options to Fit Your Business Needs

  • RADAR Rates quickly pays for itself in its ability to help prevent costly errors in tax rate and calculation determinations. Search features for Rates and Administration, Rate Changes and Rate Directory ensure you’re current and accurate.
  • RADAR Rates & Taxability provides further detailed criteria for researching and reporting on specific products and services. The subscription includes a lookup covering Taxability Changes, as well as the ability to generate a Taxability Matrix. You also have the ability to upload and map product SKUs, which are then available for search purposes.

Solve inefficiency and accuracy challenges today with CCH Sales Tax RADAR. Simply look up and cross check rates and taxability decisions in minutes for sales quotes, billing, accounts payable and more for your stores wherever you are and wherever you go.

Learn about our full range of solutions that address all aspects of your end-to-end sales tax workflow.

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