CCH® SmartCharts – Customer Exemption

CCH SmartCharts – Customer Exemption provides customer exemptions for over 28 different tax types for all 50 states, including 20 categories of communications tax — all in one convenient database.


Find the Answers You Need with a Quick Survey of More Than 17,000 Possible Exemption Scenarios Contained in Our Tax Matrix 
And, with just a few clicks you can verify the certification requirements of any tax-exempt customer exemption found in the chart for any location in the United States. You can summarize your search results in an Excel® table based on your selection of exemption code(s), state(s) and/or tax type(s) variables.

Easy Setup to Simplify Your Workday
Keep things simple with a user friendly interface and painless integration into billing systems, remittance systems, accounting systems, shopping carts and in-house reporting systems.

Achieve Clean and Systematic Billing by Downloading Up-To-Date Data
After making a few selections, you simply download the data you need and export that data directly into Excel® worksheets, seamlessly integrating up-to-date information into your current workflow.

Exemption Categories Include:

  • Federal, state and local governments
  • Foreign diplomats
  • Tribal reservations
  • Resellers
  • Residential
  • Business
  • Bank
  • Common carrier
  • Nonprofit charities
  • Educational non-profits
  • Nonprofit hospitals
  • Nonprofit mental health agencies
  • Nonprofit religious organizations
  • Nonprofit residential care facilities
  • Nonprofit social services agencies
  • Nonprofit veterans organizations
  • Lifeline services
  • Senior citizens


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