CCH® Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database for Restaurants

CCH Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database for Restaurants enables you to import up-to-date restaurant sales tax rates and taxability rules of more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions into your own system.


Restaurants offer a variety of products and services making it challenging to stay compliant with sales tax rates. This robust solution not only gives you accurate and complete restaurant sales tax rates and taxability rules to use, it also helps you:

  • Save time during the monthly update process by easily loading the flat ASCII file (comma delimited or fixed length) into your ERP or point-of-sale system with minimal programming.
  • Enjoy faster, easier jurisdictional determination, even if a ZIP code crosses city limits. Restaurant tax data is mapped using multiple location criteria: ZIP code, ZIP + 4, FIPS geocode and state, county and city name.

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