CCH® Sales Tax Compliance Services

Let the experts handle your sales tax return processing.

Give your tax or accounting department a break by shifting your company’s labor intensive sales and use tax filing burden to Wolters Kluwer, one of the most recognized and trusted leaders in tax compliance. Our CCH Sales Tax Compliance Services brings a streamlined approach to sales and use tax return outsourcing to ensure your tax returns are complete, accurate and filed in a timely manner.


Systematic Process with Inclusive Steps
The CCH Sales Tax Compliance Services process efficiently moves the workflow from one step to the next. With regular notifications that alert you to upcoming tasks and actions needed, you’ll easily be able to monitor the filing process from start to finish.

  • Company setup and tax return configuration
  • Tax return population and review
  • Manual adjustments based on your company’s needs
  • Final review and approval
  • Fund notification and management
  • Tax return filing and remittance
  • Tax notice management

Guided by a Service Level Agreement
CCH Sales Tax Compliance Services are governed by standard Service Level Agreements (SLAs). As a CCH Sales Tax Compliance Services client, you’ll have a designated contact who will ensure that all services performed meet the standard SLA. In addition, during the monthly cycle, you’ll have access to the preparation and filing process through a customer portal.

Open Line of Communication
After each production cycle is completed, evaluations are performed and any issues or concerns are addressed and resolved. Your designated contact will get and provide feedback, and make sure your expectations are met.



SAP Certified
Microsoft Partner

Simplify your sales and use tax processes with Wolters Kluwer solutions.

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